Accepted Papers

I-mask: Mask With Integrated Monitoring System

Kartikeya Kushwaha, Mihir Sharma, Parth Bansal, Dept of ECE, ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India


The main purpose and concept of this idea is to create an integrated monitoring system attachable to a wearable mask in order to monitor real time health related parameters such as body temperature, blood saturation level, blood pressure and heart rate. This IoT enable mask collected data from the sensor inbuilt in the mask and send these data to the central monitoring system for the display and monitoring. A power management system is also required for to reduce power consumption of the device. This I-Mask system reduce man power requirement of the hospital and better patient management and monitoring with extra level of care to the patient.


IoT, Mask, Personal Health, Sensors, Arduino, Blink app.